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Woodford County Health Department


 The Woodford County Health Department first opened its doors on July 1, 1955.  This gave Kentucky a health department in all 120 counties.  Even though Woodford was the last county in the Commonwealth to have an official health department, public health work had been going on for many years under the guidance of Miss Kittie Baird. Miss Baird worked for the Red Cross. She became a part-time health department employee in 1955.  The health department was located in the courthouse until moving to it's present location in 1991.  The present building was expanded in 1996 and again in 2007.  Initially it employeed six (6) individuals. The health department employs sixteen (16) full-time employees today. The Agency has grown from a few basic public health services  to a variety of services and programs (approximately 32) for the entire community.

The Woodford County Health Department receives revenue from multiple sources.  The Kentucky Department for Public Health serves as the agent which allocates and channels state and federal funds to the health department. Local funds are received from the Woodford County Public Health Taxing District. The health department may also secure funds from direct grants, donations and contributions.

Link to the The Cabinet for Health & Family Services, KY Department for Public Health: