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Woodford County Health Department

Community Health Education


One of the Ten Essential Public Health Functions is to inform, educate, and empower people about health issues.  Community Health Education is the arm of the health department that seeks to fulfill that mission.

The Woodford County Health Department is committed to providing quality health education to the community. The purpose of community health education is to design, promote, and implement intervention programs which result in health-positive behaviors among individuals, families, and groups in the community.

 Community Health Education reaches out into the community by providing outreach services such as health fairs, worksites and community screenings and classrooms to reach the youth as well as adults. These services are provided in the schools, businesses, churches and other communities groups.

The Community Health Team is always ready to provide a program to any civic club or group that has an interest in a health topic.  You can call Geri at 859-873-4541 to arrange for a program.