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Woodford County Health Department


 Retail food markets of all types are inspected by the health department.  The goal with these inspections are similar to those of inspecting restaurants, that is to assure, as best as possible, that the food you purchase for your family is as safe as possible.  In the last several years, grocery stores are no longer just grocery stores.  They have greatly expanded their services and you can now purchase almost anything in a "grocery" store.  It is now hard to tell the difference between some grocery stores and restaurants. test

The health department environmentalist looks  for many different things when retail food markets are inspected.  Hot things to be hot and cold things cold.  Proper date stamps should be on everything. No item on shelves should be past their date code.  The environmentalist looks at how items are stored.  Toxic or poisonous chemicals should not be stored where they could leak or spill onto a food product.  The health department checks to make sure recalled products have been removed from shelves. This is becoming a greater task all the time.   If you should notice something at a grocery that you feel is not right, please call 873-4541 and ask for the Environmental Department .