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Woodford County Health Department


 A food service establishment intended to be operated for 14 days or less is considered temporary.  This applies to the food booths, stands or other facilities operated at the County Fair or any of the festivals in the County.  It makes no difference if it is  operated by a profit, non-profit, church or governmental agency.  All temporary food establishments must make an application to the health department  prior to operation.  Coming in prior to operation will enable the health department to know what you are going to serve and allow you to find out what the  requirements are so there are no surprises on either side.  It is not our intent to create a hardship on any operator but we are required to enforce the regulation and do the best we can to assure that the food the public consumes at an event is safe and sanitary.


Permit Fee for 1-3 Days:  $50

Permit Fee for 4-7 Days: $75

Permit Fee for 8-14 Days: $100

 Call 859-873-4541 and ask for the Environmental Department for more information.