Flouride Varnish

The Woodford County Health Department is pleased to  participate in the KIDS SMILE: Fluoride Varnish Program

Beginning in 2003, the KIDS SMILE: Fluoride Varnish Program was initiated by local health department nurses who had attended and participated in the KIDS SMILE: Fluoride Varnish trainings.  Fluoride varnishes are primarily used as a decay prevention therapy for pediatric patients and persons at a high-risk for tooth decay. Individuals who benefit the most from fluoride varnish include children, ages 0 through 5 years, who have a family history of decay, low levels of fluoride in their drinking water or limited access to dental care. The fluoride varnish needs to be applied 2 times a year. Children at higher risk for decay may require more frequent applications.

Is this a new method?

No. Fluoride varnish was developed in the early 60’s in Europe.

Is it effective in reducing decay?

Yes. Fluoride varnish has been found to reduce decay on tooth surfaces between 50 and 70%.

Why would you use fluoride varnish instead of traditional fluoride?

Varnishes provide a more efficient way for the tooth to absorb fluoride: its slow release time further enhances its effectiveness. Since the varnish is applied directly to the tooth—the chance for swallowing the fluoride is minimal. Which makes it acceptable for use in very young children.

How is the varnish applied?

Application is quick and easy: small droplets of varnish are applied directly to the tooth surface.