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Food Certification

FOOD CERTIFICATION (Managers and Handlers)

The Food Manager or the Person in Charge (PIC) of the food establishment is required to have a Food Managers Certificate. Food Managers or the PIC are required to attend a class and receive a passing grade on the proficiency test to receive Food Managers Certification.

All employees working in a food service establishment are required to obtain Food Handler Certification. Employees have 30 days to receive certification. Persons not receiving certification within 30 days of employment will not be allowed to continue working until certification has been obtained. Persons routinely volunteering their time at any food-dispensing venue should consider taking the certification.

Regular Food Handlers Certification Training is available online at KY TRAIN. Instructions on how to access and use the TRAIN System to register, take the training and print your certificate are available at the front desk of the health department. Instructions are available HERE . You need to bring the printed certificate to the health department to receive your Food Handlers Certification Card. There is a fee for food handler certification. Call for current information.

The Woodford County Board of Health has approved the posting of food service establishment scores by the Health Department Environmentalist. This began July 1, 2011. Regular inspection and follow-up inspection scores will be posted in an area easily seen by the public. The health department has offered free food managers training to train managers in the new food code. The Environmentalist will be using the new food code regulations when conducting all food service establishment inspections.



For information and cost for Food Managers Training call the Environmental Department at 859-873-4541.