Patient Rights and Responsibilities

Patient Bill Of Rights

The Woodford County Health Department will ensure at all times a patient has:

  • The right to impartial access to treatment, regardless of race, religion, sex, ethnicity, age, mental status, sexual orientation, disability, color, or national origin.
  • The right to be treated with consideration, dignity, respect and full recognition of his individuality.
  • The right to services according to need and the right to a clinician’s full attention within an adequate period of time.
  • The right to be an active participant in his/her plan of care.
  • The right to know the qualifications of staff, the type of tests, examinations and treatments that he/she will receive, and the risks, benefits and side effects of all medications and procedures used.
  • The right to receive services in a language that he/she understands.
  • The right to refuse specific medications or treatment procedures unless prescribed by law and to be informed of available alternatives.
  • The right to make a complaint or file a grievance about the services received; or discrimination based on ethnicity, mental status, or sexual orientation. Family members and legal guardians also have the right to make complaints or file grievances, and to receive a fair hearing.
  • The right to know financial eligibility standards for requested services; the right to know if fees are assessed before services are rendered; the right to know the amount of fees or payment expected, and what they cover.
  • The right for personal information/medical records, treatments and services rendered to be treated in a confidential manner except in certain situations mandated by law.
  • The right to ask questions about the services received and to have these questions answered fully.
  • The right to equal quality of services regardless of the source of financial support.
  • The right to a fair hearing when he/she has been denied WIC services, has had WIC services discontinued, or is being asked to repay improperly received benefits.

If you feel you have not been treated fairly by the health department, you may contact the Director at 859-873-4541

Patient Responsibilities

A patient requesting services at a LHD has:

  • The responsibility for providing accurate and complete health, social and financial information.
  • The responsibility for asking questions regarding his/her plan of care and being an active participant in that plan.
  • The responsibility for informing the health department of a current address and a way to be reached if necessary.
  • The responsibility for letting the health department know when moving outside of the service area.
  • The responsibility for being ontime for appointments.
  • The responsibility for properly caring for and appropriately using all products, drugs, services and WIC food instruments.
  • The responsibility for treating staff, patients, and other providers with dignity and respect.