Existing Systems


Existing Systems

Existing sewage disposal systems are handled under two situations:


1. You Sell Your Property.

Existing System Inspection $150

If you sell property that has an onsite disposal system and the lending institition or the buyer requires a system inspection, the health department can do that for you. If remediation is necessary, a Repair Permit may need to be issued.

2. Alterations or Repairs.

System Repair $155

This covers the inspection time for a system repair. A system repair consists of adding up to 100 lft of line or other distribution system; or repairing or replacing the distribution box; or repairing or replacing the septic tank.

Alteration Permit $275

If two or more of the items listed under Repair Permit are performed, it then becomes an Alteration and not a Repair. This is if the work is done on an existing system. If a new system in a different location is necessary then it must go through the regular site evaluation and permit process and be subject to those fees.