Farmer’s Markets

Farmer’s Markets

Farmer’s Market’s were established by the Kentucky Department of Agriculture (KDA) to assist Kentucky producers in selling their locally grown products. KDA defines a Farmer’s Market as follows:

farmers’ markets are defined as a prescribed location(s) where two or more producers gather on set days and times to sell products that they grow or produce directly to consumers. Though the market may allow other types of sales, the sale of agriculture products grown or produced by the seller or their family should be the primary business of the market.

A market can register with KDA at any time during the year but, to be included in all listings and take full advantage of all opportunities, the market should register each year by May 15.

If a local producer wishes to sell unprocessed farm produce at a Farmer’s Market, he or she need do nothing with the health department. A State Retail Market Permit is required if foods other than produce are sold.

In Woodford County, anyone wanting to set up at a Farmers Market and sell anything other than locally grown fruit and vegetables should contact Barrett Schoeck at the health department (859) 873-4541, or the Extension Service, (859) 873-4601, for full details of what is required.