Tobacco is the leading cause of lung cancer. Kentucky has one of the highest smoking rates in the nation. It then follows that Kentucky would have one of the highest rates of lung cancer in the nation. Kentucky does indeed have the highest incident (133.2) and death (106.0) rate for lung and bronchus cancer in the United States. Utah, which has one of the lowest tobacco use rates, has an incident rate of 37.5 and a death rate of 35.6 for lung and bronchus cancer. Over three times as many Kentuckians, per 100,000 population, will get and die from lung and bronchus cancer as will residents of Utah. We should be thinking about this and taking action to reduce the use of tobacco products. (2004 data from the National Program of Cancer Registries).

The Health Department offers the Freedom From Smoking Program on a regular basis.

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The Board of Health passed the Clean Air Regulation at its June 5, 2008 Board meeting. All businesses within Woodford County to which the public is invited or have employees are covered by this regulation.