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LivingWell Program

LivingWell Program

The LivingWell Program Can help you enjoy the little moments that add up to greater well-being. Whether you’d like to spend more time exercising, eating healthy, managing stress or working toward another goal – tools are offered that can help. Plus, you can earn rewards!

LivingWell Eligibility

  • All active KEHP planholders and spouses on a cross-reference plan
  • Employees who waive KEHP coverage (waivers)
  • Effective date – the first day of the second month following hire date
  • If someone was hired in March, their effective date to receive a screening would be after May 1st
  • Eligible participants are allowed ONE screening per year

NOT ELIGIBLE to receive a biometric screening:

  • Spouses and dependents are NOT eligible for a biometric screening
  • Retirees on Medicare

LivingWell Promise

  • January 1st through July 1st
  • Online Health Assessment (WebMD One Portal – steps on how to register below) or biometric screening
  • Monthly premium incentive in 2022, up to $480/year ($40/month)
  • Only the planholder needs to complete or both spouses if on a cross-reference plan

LivingWell Engagement Activities

  • January 1 – December 31st
  • Well-being activities submitted through WebMD One Portal aimed to encourage healthy behaviors
  • Earn up to $200, which can be used for a variety of gift cards and merchandise
  • Planholders and waivers are eligible to participate

LivingWell Program ID System

  • No ID Card/Separate ID number

Biometric Screen Process

  • You should fast 9-12 hours prior to screening
  • We perform a glucose and lipid profile
  • We check your blood pressure, height, weight, BMI, and waist measurement
  • We submit your results to LivingWell for you to earn incentives

Promise Incentive: Keep your LivingWell Promise by completing a biometric screen or health assessment before July 1st for a discount on your health insurance!

Want to schedule your eligible school or business?


Contact us:

859.873.4541 ext. 112
We will work with you to provide on-site screening events.

2021 Screening Options

Onsite Screenings

  • 1/4/21-7/1/21
  • Provided by Health Departments
  • StayWell/WebMD will provide screenings in regions where Health Department coverage is not available
  • No Cost For the participant
  • Results uploaded directly to the participant’s online portal

Physician Form

  • 1/4/21-12/18/21
  • Available for download from WebMD ONE
  • For use at
    • Personal Physician’s office*
    • Premise Health Centers
    • Retail pharmacy*
  • Uploaded by participants within 10 days!
  • Loaded to WebMD ONE within 10 business days of receipt
*Filed through health insurance, fees may apply

Lab Option

  • 1/4/21-7/1/21
  • Available for download from WebMD ONE for use at LabCorp locations
  • Participant receives mailed results report if requested
  • Results sent to StayWell/WebMD for upload within 10 business days of lab visit
  • Uploaded by participants within 10 business days!