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Loneliness and Isolation Project

Woodford County Loneliness and Isolation Project

We need your help! You are invited to complete this confidential survey to help us determine how extensive two major health issues exist in our county: loneliness and social isolation.

Even before the pandemic, loneliness and social isolation have been seen by health professionals as significant causes of poor physical and mental health. In the past year, the pandemic has shown a bright light on this public health emergency for people of all ages. People across the country have struggled with isolation from friends and family members, canceled events/classes, fewer hugs and even the essential masks that hide a friendly smile.

By completing this survey, you will help us determine how much of a problem loneliness and social isolation is in Woodford County, and give us the information we need to develop programs that combat them and the health problems they cause.

If you have any questions or need help completing the survey, please call Anne Hagan at the Woodford County Health Department – 859.873.4541 ext. 112 or email at ANNEL.HAGAN@KY.GOV.

Volunteers NEEDED!

Volunteering with the Woodford County Health Department’s Loneliness and Isolation Project can be a wonderfully rewarding opportunity for adults and young adults who would like to support and give back to their community. You can help by participating in the Woodford County Care Calls Program.